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Styling with Anna Elizabeth Thompson

Sometimes you come across individuals who just are super fun to work with.

The return of Evelyn Sinclair

Once I again I had the pleasure of working with the super awesome Evelyn Sinclaire. This time unlike our first project, I chose to capture a different side of her then she is usually portraying as a alternative model.

Happy Birthday D’zia Moet

Whats better then celebrating your beauty on your own holiday? When D’zia contacted me and explained she wanted to do her first shoot and wanted it to be grown and sexy to celebrate her birthday, I said “Whats the plan?”.

Baby bump London

As promised, I’m updating the Blog with cool sessions I been slacking on posting. This Baby bump is brought to you by the beautiful Iman and let me say, she┬áis rocking the bump effortlessly!

An evening with Emily Elizabeth

Emily's Blog_0011

Got to mix it up with the beautiful Emily Elizabeth for an awesome 2 location session. This was the second time I worked with Emily and it definitely wont be the last.

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