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Santiago & Maria: Boston, MA

All my weddings hold a special place with me but this wedding may be the most touching.

William & Kelli: Gloucester, MA

You know when the energy is powerful when in anything that can go wrong in a wedding goes wrong but the party didn’t stop.

Santiago & Erika: Norwood, MA

How much of an awesome day this was. It’s funny how Photography is bringing people back into my life I have not seen in about 15 years.

Darren & Jessica: Southington, CT


Ever meet a couple and at first impression you ask yourself “how did these 2 find each other? They seem so perfect for one another.”. Sounds cliche but I really was mean it.

Gill & Ani: Salem, MA


Had an awesome time photographing Gill & Ani’s special day. The wedding was a small intimate union in Salem, MA. Surprisingly this was my first time ever visiting the town infamous for it’s ┬áhistorical witch trials.

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