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Gregory & Veronique: Boston, MA Engagement

I always stated one of the most awesome feelings is when a client calls you and they tell you they where referred with awesome high praise.

Graling & Goldie: Quincy, MA

I mentioned it before and i’ll keep mentioning whenever possible, referrals are one of the best forms of compliments ever.

Darren & Jessica: Southington, CT


Ever meet a couple and at first impression you ask yourself “how did these 2 find each other? They seem so perfect for one another.”. Sounds cliche but I really was mean it.

Luis & Janelly: Providence, RI

Had the pleasure of shooting Luis & Janelly Ortiz’s wedding in the ocean state. Me and Luis attended high school together many moons ago and since then he moved out of Boston. When Luis asked if I can shoot his wedding, I couldn’t deny.

Nate & Tricia: Cambridge, MA


When I received a call from Tricia’s sister Eliza asking if I was interested in shooting the upcoming wedding in a couple of month, I was flattered.

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