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Urbex Serenity

Crazy, we are already wrapping January up and this is my first post of 2017. Even crazier is that my first post for 2017 is from a cool personnel project I put together and shot with Radiant Yoga Boston in November of 2016.

Abandoned Doll session w/ Evelyn Sinclair


When someone calls you with an idea that gets you out of your normal everyday activities, you have to at least show some interest. In this case, when Evelyn┬ácontacted me after seeing some of my work and explained her idea… It was a go.

Plan B: Call Sherrice!


What happens when you spend a month and half renovating a new studio space, shooting commissions and the one shoot your subject leaves total creative control in your hands cancels?

Kym’s Urbex Session

Kym's Blog_0005

I met Kym through a mutual Photography friend Brian mid 2015 and we agreed to at some point work together.

Project Sherrice LT: Set 1of 4

Sherrice Blog 1_0001

When a good friend approaches you with an idea that’s so moving, you have no choice but to do what ever you can do to help them achieve it.

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