Beauty Skin Deep

“Beauty Skin Deep” was a project put together for a themed editorial submission. I wanted to do something that I felt would make people speak their opinion along with combining details that can tell many stories.

Abandoned Doll

“Abandoned Doll” was a weird idea actually developed on the fly as we set up. Model arrived in this doll outfit and I thought it be great to play with the idea of an abandoned doll since we where shooting in a abandoned place. If as a child you left your doll behind, would it grow and age?

Urbex In-patient

From time to time I’ll link up with a few good people and set off on a Urbex Exploration trip. On this day costumes where brought and I though it be cool to shoot some shots depicting some 1980’s horror movies. Crazy nurse in a psychiatric hospital escapes, goes on a spree before being captured and placed back in her room … sounds classic 80’s to me.

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