Abandoned Doll session w/ Evelyn Sinclair


When someone calls you with an idea that gets you out of your normal everyday activities, you have to at least show some interest. In this case, when Evelyn contacted me after seeing some of my work and explained her idea… It was a go. Hanna is in the process of building her portfolio. She contacted me with a Abandoned Doll concept and felt after seeing a shot from a prior Urbex Session she felt I was the one. We had a short time schedule to work with and I recommended an abandoned mill in my area after she described the environment she would like to shoot in. We connected in the morning and just got busy. I took it as a chance to experiment with a 1 light setup to really get her dark and creepy vision to life. I had a great time and although short, the connection was made so expect more awesome concepts from us in the future.

HH_0001 HH_0005 HH_0004 HH_0003 HH_0002

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