Graling & Goldie: Quincy, MA

I mentioned it before and i’ll keep mentioning whenever possible, referrals are one of the best forms of compliments ever. When a soon to be bride reaches out and lets me know they either attended a wedding I previously shot or a family or friend referred me after showing off their wedding photos and states they would love me to capture day … there’s nothing better. Graling and Goldie attended a prior wedding I shot for Armando & Brandy. In my world, i’m assuming they where floored by the final results and knew I was there choice. If that wasn’t the case then just let me enjoy my theory, lol. The day started with me hanging out with the Bridal party and my always reliable Assistant Miguel Medina covering the Groom and his guys. Ceremony took place outdoors at Pond Meadow Park in Braintree followed by the reception which was held at Sons of Italy in Quincy. Super fun time with super fun guest. I want wish these 2 newlyweds a future full of wealth, health and experiences to cherish. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next Wedding post.

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