Gregory & Veronique: Boston, MA Engagement

I always stated one of the most awesome feelings is when a client calls you and they tell you they where referred with awesome high praise. Veronique contacted me and stated her co-worker Stephanie who I shot a wedding for referred me to capture her upcoming special day. It still feels good even mentioning it. Fast forward past a few phone conversations and we officially met, we just hit it off. They where excited to have me after seeing what I produced for Stephanie and where determined to lock me in. We scheduled an awesome afternoon shoot in the Boston Arboretum and the day could not have been any better. I surprised them with a unexpected plans to attempt some sunset shots at a 2nd location. I could not have had a better sunset. We arrived and literally had 15 minutes and we got every bit worth of it. Im looking forward to June 2nd, 2018 to capture their special day of union. Congratulations Gregory and Veronique, until next time!

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