Santiago & Maria: Boston, MA

All my weddings hold a special place with me but this wedding may be the most touching. I shot Mr. and Mrs. Perez son wedding earlier this year and before the night was over he mentioned his parents where renewing their vows in a church and they would love me to be the person to capture it. Santiago and Maria have been married for over 40 years. They originally married outside of church but Santiago promised Maria’s mother he would get married through the Catholic Church at some point in their life. Santiago has had a rough last couple years battling cancer and even under going brain surgery. Santiago felt it was time and his promise would be delivered in 2017. How can this not be a great moment to experience. The wedding was small, intimate and perfect. Santiago currently isn’t as mobile but his face looking upon Maria enjoying the night with family and friends was priceless. I have to say Santiago’s physical is not the best but his personality and verbal comedy was over the top. I can’t but wish nothing but the best for Mr. and Mrs. Perez and hope health and prosperity for many years to come.

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