The return of Evelyn Sinclair

Once I again I had the pleasure of working with the super awesome Evelyn Sinclaire. This time unlike our first project, I chose to capture a different side of her then she is usually portraying as a alternative model. I had an idea of doing 3 different looks with each look having its own individual lighting setup. Look one was just a more natural light look coming from a small window. In look 2, I went and decided to do more of a Boudoir look mixing Studio lighting and natural ambient. For look 3 we relied on all studio lighting for a high key edgy look which Evelyn is known for as an alternative model. Its always a pleasure to work with individuals willing to create and step out of their comfort zone. The best work is created when mutual parties are taking a chance. Evelyn will always be a person my studio doors remain open for. I wish her the best and I suggest you follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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