Urbex Serenity

Crazy, we are already wrapping January up and this is my first post of 2017. Even crazier is that my first post for 2017 is from a cool personnel project I put together and shot with Radiant Yoga Boston in November of 2016. I know the┬áBlog isn’t up to date but I promise it well get back on track for 2017. This idea was swirling in my head for about 6 month before I got confirmation from a willing subject. I wanted to combine 2 worlds with total opposite characteristics. Once and awhile I go out and do some Urban Exploring and it’s pretty awesome to see the decay and destruction in total serenity. Im no Yogi but I assumed Yoga was an activity that along with many other physical attributes brings a peace of mind and its own world also some serenity. I googled for a bit looking to see if the idea has been done. Not saying it hasn’t but I did not find anything in line with what I wanted to do. After reaching out to a few Yogi’s on Instagram with no luck I realized there was a Yoga Studio in my studio building. I emailed with a brief description and received a response by one of the employees interested in meeting. My concept now has a possibility of actually coming to life. After a few meetings we decided to shoot asap as weather was not getting any warmer anytime sooner. These ladies where champs. We shot in a old mill I frequented before and as of lately has seen tons of photography traffic so in the back of my head I wanted to do my last final shoot in there. I enjoyed capturing these awesome ladies in some crazy positions. Ever want to feel out of shape, hang with Yogi’s!

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