William & Kelli: Gloucester, MA

You know when the energy is powerful when in anything that can go wrong in a wedding goes wrong but the party didn’t stop. Kelli was former co-worker of mine and she knew I did photography outside of work and she loved what I have done so it was a no brainer I would be the person to document her special day. Wedding took place north of Boston in the fisherman town of Gloucester. The beautiful oceanside resort was dampened by a rainy day. The wedding was to be held in a tent but very early on I knew this would be a problem as water was steadily coming in gathering puddles on the floor. This wasn’t great but Kelli and William never took the smiles of their face. Not only was the weather not cooperating, the DJ for the night never showed up so the ceremony had to start in silence. Once again let me remind you, Kelli and William never lost their smiles. Eventually a DJ was brought in and the tunes started flowing. Both side of the families where showing off their sweetest moves and you would have never known of the problems mention prior. The night continued and besides wet socks, it was a blast. Congratulations to the newlyweds and may they enjoy a life full of blessings.

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