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Happy Birthday D’zia Moet

Whats better then celebrating your beauty on your own holiday? When D’zia contacted me and explained she wanted to do her first shoot and wanted it to be grown and sexy to celebrate her birthday, I said “Whats the plan?”.

Amnery’s surprise birthday party!

Society on High_0017

I’m not a big nightlife person but when I was asked to capture the special big 3-0 celebration, I couldn’t pass it up.

Nayeli’s Cake Smash

Nayeli's Blog Montage_0011

Got the pleasure of photographing Nayeli the day before her 1st birthday. Her parents Geo and Wyze are good friends of mine and when they asked about doing a Cake Smash Session I said “Lets do it”.

Isaac’s Cake Smash

Issac Blog_0001

So I received a call from Prescella requesting a Cake Smash Session to celebrate Isaac’s upcoming 1st Birthday. Cake Smash Sessions are awesome, how can I not get excited. 

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